Monday, October 24, 2005

operation new black shoes. my beloved black clarks were sadly decommissioned two weeks ago when, during the eight days of rain, i found the hard way i had worn a hole in the bottom. after spending nearly 24 hours with one cold, saturated foot, i decided our time together was over. it's not often i spend 150 on a pair of shoes, but they were worth every penny. so many memories (and fuzzy memories) with those shoes in edinburgh.

tonight mission was successful. after trying on a pair of kenneth coles, i passed on them (and fyi, you can get these for half the price listed on the website in nyc), the heel feeling too wide, and went to aldo. there i found a decent pair, altho they need some breaking in. they have some pretty big shoes to fill after my slipper-like clarks.

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