Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Monday, April 16, 2007

political money. this is a very interesting interactive graphic provided by the NY times.
visitors. recent visitors from singapore, mexico, and france.
random updates. this past weekend i had a production implementation. the whole, go to bed at 11pm, get up at 2am thing really throws off your schedule. but, everything went pretty well and i was back home by 11am.

i saw two movies this weekend. blades of glory in the theater and for your consideration at home. both funny in their own way, but i think i'd have to recommend for your consideration over mr ferrell's flick. both make fun of the over obsessing of professional performance careers--one completely over the top and ridiculous, the other is an equally ridiculous fashion, but in a slightly more subtle and witty way. plus chazz michael michaels doesn't compare to ricky bobby.

on friday night, we ended up with opera tickets to Guilio Cesare at the met. not a-'s favorite, and no small commitment at 4 hours, but i surprisingly enjoyed it. the tickets were in the 'family circle' (top level box, stage left) which was nice b/c we had plenty of room to ourselves, but you had to kind of lean over to see the right side of the stage. and being that high up, you couldn't see all the way to the back of the stage. but, i will say i could tell the difference between my trip to the met and city opera.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

tax time. so i finally just got my W2 from my new employer. there seemed to be some black hole between the tax department and my mailbox. tonight i finished submitting my taxes. yes, i'm getting a refund. thanks to turbotax. and they provide a little laugh at the end. watch some tax raps.

Monday, April 09, 2007

so much to write a about, but just not enough time. whisky, weddings, and apartments. a- and i have found an apartment. we're moving to williamsburg brooklyn some time in the next couple weeks. we're excited. fully renovated, top floor, 12ft ceilings, 650 sq ft makes it feel palatial compared to my current apartment.

last week i also attended the launch party for the 17 and 21yo expressions of Old Pulteney courtesy of sam. got to meet the master distiller, one of the 24 malt maniacs world wide, and an employee of park avenue liquor (where i bought my arran last year).

hopefully more on all the above in the near future. but for now, happy easter!