Sunday, October 02, 2005

great weekend. a busy, but really good weekend is in the last few hours. friday went to dinner with r. and his friend a. then we went bowling for a bit. sat a. and i went to the brooklyn botanical gardens because it was such a nice day. the brooklyn museum was showing an independent documentary as part of 'first saturdays', so we watch that before heading back to the city for dinner and drinks. i should mention that the trip out there was much more involved than anticipated. one should check the MTAs website for weekend construction closings to avoid 2 transfers and a walk between stations in order to get from manhattan to brooklyn.

today was a nice relaxing time in the park (again, savoring some of the last warm days of the year) followed by The Constant Gardener - an excellent but somewhat heart-wrenching movie. then a bite to eat afterwards. now, back at home and will probably curl up with my book to try to finish this thing off by the middle of next week.

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~L said...

this 1 blog post a week thing isn't working for me. please update your site more regularly or face severe penalty.

thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.