Saturday, February 23, 2008

Verdi. We saw Otello last night at the met. This time we upgraded our seats to first row balcony. I have to admit that a Shakespearian based opera felt more familiar to me than did Die Walkure. Botha (Otello) and Flemming (Desdemona) both had amazing voices (go figure). But for overall experience, this show probably rates in the top two.

Monday, February 11, 2008

spacewalking. the international space station grows.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

recent movies. since i know ryan loves to hear my movie reviews, i've got two tonight. the first is "the fountain", which we got via netflix. not recommended. it's about a medical researcher trying to find a cure for cancer in order to save his wife, set in three time periods.

we went to see juno in the theaters. this i would recommend. addresses a tough subject in a funny but still touching way. the writing is quick, witty, and the cleverest i've heard in a while. and we bought soundtrack. the lead actress was phenomenal; i expect to see her in more things in the future.
week in review. this was a long week. work is busy, and without going into the details, i'll be happy to get some time off when the wedding comes.

this weekend i unexpectedly was invited to the opera. alicia's great aunt gets tickets for her, her mom and her sister every year. megan couldn't make it this year as she was sabotaged by her students with a case of the flu. so, i took her place. the opera was wagner's Die Walkure. By far the longest opera i've seen to date, but still amazing to experience.