Sunday, July 22, 2007

firday night a- and i went to dinner for restaurant week at spice market with friends of ours. the prix fixe menu was better than the menu dinner we had some weeks back.

however, the real excitement of the night was during the ride home. our friends had driven into the city and were giving us a lift home. three motorcycles came buzzing by us on the right on a regular two lane city street. we're still not sure if he hit the car or a pothole, but he his bike went careening out of control in front of us and across into the oncoming lane where a cabbie had stopped. the bike slid into the cab and luckily the guy got up and appeared to be fine. (he rode off on a friend's bike and his friend somehow road the damaged bike with a rear flat and all).
marathon. i've decided to run a half marathon in october. there are a few guys from work that are planning to run, all of whom are older than i am and were giving me some crap about not being able to keep up. so, between that and the fact all my pants are getting tighter in the waist, i decided to run with them.

training has started slow, but has been encouraging, not discouraging. so this weekend i bought a new pair of shoes and order some running attire from rei (gotta use up that $3 refund!).

Thursday, July 05, 2007

fireworks. didn't do much special yesterday. however, a- and i watch the fireworks from our apartment with the empire state building in the background. can get much more new york than that. and i have to say, the show was pretty darn good.

Monday, July 02, 2007

weekend update. i attended my first bar mitzvah on saturday. it was my second cousin (first cousin's son), and with two irish catholic parents, it's no wonder its the first relative's bar mitzvah. the interesting part was that it was at the showboat casino in atlantic city, nj. but a good time was had by all, and a- had the first 'large scale' introduction to my extended family.

we stayed at her parents house and just drove down for the day. the weather was downright perfect. on sunday we had a bbq and ate under the shade of a large butternut tree in the backyard. truly sublime.

makes monday morning a drag.