Monday, September 05, 2005

on holiday. my long awaited vacation has arrived. this weekend i have successfully accomplished doing very little and relaxing. my activities consisted of eating a lot of mom's cooking, sleeping, reading (finished my book and need to find another tomorrow), drinking, and playing golf. the weather was perfect, and being at the cottage was just the right pace.

so the fishing weekend turned out to be more of a golfing weekend. dad and i played 9 holes all three days up there. the first two days i played pretty well having not picked up a club in probably 2 or 3 years. today we both played like crap. granted, none of the courses are exceptionally challenging, but at my level, in order to enjoy the nice weather and not get too fustrated, theyre just right.

the rest of the week i'll be spending back in pittsburgh catching up with some old friends and probably more sleeping, eating and reading. that suits me just fine.

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