Saturday, September 17, 2005

dentist. today i went to the dentist for a cleaning. i had some reservations because i've only seen 2 dentists in my adult life; dr. caske in pittsburgh, and some guy in ca for the couple years i was out there. caske is great, and the other dentist even complimented his work. the place here in ny was like a frickin assembly line. and the doctor seemed younger than me. anyway, the cleaning was done with some sort of ultrasonic tool. i'm not sure if it was the poor cleaning technique, or the tool, but i've never had a cleaning that hurt like that. but, i do say my teeth feel mighty clean...probably b/c he took off a layer of enamel in addition to the plaque. the only cool thing was the xray machine was hooked up to a computer. a sensor was placed in my mouth instead of film, and the results are (obviously) instant.

no, no cavities.

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