Thursday, June 23, 2005

too many emails. i just can't keep up with my email. i try to keep my work inbox less than 1000 email, and personal email less than 100. right now my work inbox is over 1500 and personal over 160. if i haven't replied, my apologies.

on another note, i'm close to getting my apartment lease finalized. between that and the downpayment for the galapagos trip next year, i'll write checks for over 4 large. this month will be red.

so, in addition to work, i'm now trying to coordinate a fourth of july weekend wedding and moving from pgh to nyc, with a roommate that is moving from cleveland. this is when it'd be nice to have a car. instead i am relying on the good nature of my friends and family for pickups and whatnot.


Ryan said...

you need to clarify that the galapagos is only one of those four larges. the reason we charter the entire boat (in addition to being able to have a crazy cool itinerary) is to save some cash.

and my math is shaky, but that leaves a lot of larges for the apartment. where the hell are you moving to? actually, never mind, just did a search on craiglist for ny apartments, and holy shit... sultry vixens or not, you need to get out of that city.

~L said...

to ryan:

you obviously don't know manhattan. and you obviously don't know THIS sultry vixen ;)

.j. said...

nice, a little friendly competition between east and west coast.

ryan said...

oh lordy, i done gone and offended the vixen... and since life can never have too many vixens in it (especially sultry vixens), i hearby take back any disparaging remarks i might have made about manhattan. except for the one about it being expensive as hell, that one i keep, 'cause good god the rent prices are ridiculous for that little island.

~L said...

RYAN! please, oh please, oh please, oh please, TAKE ME WITH YOU! (that's 4 pleases if you dind't catch them all). I will forgive any prior misconstrued disparaging vixen remarks and behave extraordinarily sultry if you take me with you to galapagos!! i will wash the dishes and dig the holes or whatever is it that needs done-ness. :)