Tuesday, June 07, 2005

short week. i'm off tomorrow for lake saranac for a canoe trip with d and 7 other folks. it's the annual trip that i've been trying to make since its inception. even tho i'm only working 2.5 days this week, i'm still putting in at least 30 hrs. that should make me enjoy the trip all that much more.

last weekend was another travel weekend as you all should know. i got to see my cousin again (it's only been 3 or 4 years) which was cool. also, much of the family came in for the reception as well. it was the first time i got to me carson, and caleb is a lot of fun now that he talks and runs and loves to play ball. not to mention he's already a lady's man. the little 2 year old girl couldn't stay away from him. altho, when she wanted to join in ring-around-the-rosie with him and my sister, it took a little persuading to hold hands. don't worry lad, in 20 years you'll be wanting to hold all the pretty hands you can.

(and ryan, this 2 paragraph entry is just for you. see i'm trying.)

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Ryan said...

and ryan, this 2 paragraph entry is just for you. see i'm trying.

it's much appreciated. in an effort not to disappoint the fans of your terse entries, here's a translation of today's entry into your more standard style:

"d and i will be in the water this weekend. work is crazy. and little kids have all kinds of moves."