Sunday, March 09, 2008

service. getting to dinner last night seemed like it was going to iffy. five minutes before we planned to leave, hurricane style weather moved in--massive downpour and horizontal rain. wind gusts that you could literally feel move the building.

but it all moved through in about 10 or 15 mins, at least enough that we felt safe getting into a car to cross the bridge. we then spent 3 hours enjoying not only incredible food, but a level of service rarely found these days. everything from the standard wine and water glass never reaching empty, to printing happy birthday at the top of menu and written in chocolate on my dessert plate. there was always someone there when you needed or were ready to order or ask for something--always--and not once were we interrupted or hurried along. the place, to me, had a 1920s feel, as if you were enjoying the spoils of your industrial revolution empire. even chef Humm came out to greet guests. yes, the executive chef that still physically runs his kitchen every night.

and then we took the subway home.

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