Thursday, December 28, 2006

a belated merry christmas. i know all my fans have been wondering where i've been. or i assume so, no one has mentioned my obvious lack of posts in the last month. but i'll just assume that it's b/c everyone has been as busy as me.

since i skipped right over thanksgiving, i should mention that my parents came out that weekend. it was good to see them and the first time they've been out to visit me in nyc together. the friday after thanksgiving the four of us had dinner at le tableau. we had the place to ourselves. dinner was really great, as was the wine.

and not to disappoint, we all went out to sing sing karaoke bar for some after dinner entertainment. unfortunately the next day i was left incapacitated with joint hangover and flu-ish symptoms which lingered on for the rest of the week.

skipping ahead about a month...i "successfully" completed most of my christmas shopping on or ahead of schedule this year. the notable exception was a near last minute gift idea for a-. we'll be returning that anyway for something similar, but it's the thought that counts, right?

part of my gift which was a hit (and not returned), was another great dinner at town. (with a supremely delicious wine). and the same night i got part of my gift early when we went to see "the vertical hour". two years in manhattan and i finally see my first big ticket play. thanks to the hordes of tourists and cranky nypd cops, we ended up running to the theatre, walking in during the first act. at least they didnt make us wait until intermission.

and as one last parting note, as this is starting to sound like a novella of extravagent dining experiences, i got several camera related gifts. so hopefully youll see more and better quality pictures on flickr soon.

have a happy new year.

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