Monday, October 30, 2006

camera stuff. so, i want to get into my digital photography a bit more. and, since christmas is fast approaching, i figure it'll provide some good gift ideas. one thing i'm in need of is a tripod. i found the gorillapod which seems like a compact and versatile, although perhaps not the most professional-style, tripod.

if anyone has any recommendations on tripods, bags, lenses (for a canon body) please email or post a comment here. a guy at work recommended the canon F4/L 70-200mm lens--although i'm temped by the same lens with the image stabalizer. unfortunately it doubles the price. i'm also looking at the sigma 105mm macro lens which also came recommended.

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ryan said...

camera equipment sort of depends on what you want to use it for - if you're doing a lot of close-ups, spend money on a really good macro lens. if you're doing a lot of people pictures, get a fast lens with a stabilizer. if you're doing animal photos, get a good zoom lens (you'll probably want more than 200mm for animals).

also, be careful to make sure that something like the gorillapod will hold the your camera plus a big lens. if the tripod weight isn't a big concern you might be better off with a more traditional tripod (try to get a ball-head if possible, they rule), but if weight is a concern then something like gorilla might work out if it can hold your camera + lens.

that's my two cents - lemme know what you decide. personally, i love my 100-400mm with image stabilizer, although it's really heavy. i've also got an OK Canon 35-100mm lens that is great for everyday photos, and an cheapo 18-35mm that is fun for macros. I use the big zoom the most (probably at least 70% of my shots), with the 35-100 being used probably 20% of the time, and the little lens the rest.