Saturday, August 13, 2005

kickball. today i played in my first kickball game in probably 15 years. it was so much fun too. e's brother's wife (and her friend) organized it, complete with t-shirts and all. we took over the court at thompson sq park around noon; the first pitch was around 12.30, and we played 9 innings. my team won. of course. 13-8 ish.

afterwards we all went to zum schneider for a half liter of Scheider Weisse. this cold beverage was welcomed in the 90 degree heat. and meant it went straight to our collective head. then i came home for a 2 hour nap.

now that all the fun is done, i have to work at around 3am. we have a second minor release for work. yay. which reminds me, ryan has rejoined working amerika.

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ryan said...

the retirement is currently in its last hours -- tomorrow at 9:00 am i'll be back in the cave at warner brothers. there was always something rather poetic about the fact that the two of us never seemed to be under the corporate yoke at the same time.