Monday, May 30, 2005

yesterday was nearly perfect in terms weather. so, considering my exercise routine has consisted of brisk walking (generally only to and from work) and 12oz curls for the last 6 months, i decided to go buy some inline skates. i went with the roller blades because both j. and the consultant i work with both have them, so i figured i'd have the occasional partner. plus, i used to skate really well back in middle school.

of course, nobody ever said, "don't worry, it's just like inline skating"

after making my new purchase, i got home and got my shiny new skates ready to take to the east river park. there is a path that runs a good length along the river. i decided not skate there (four blocks east) since i was out of practice. good idea.

once there, i laced up and set south. now, i wasn't a complete beginner, but i surely must not have looked very confident. once i got down closer to the seaport, the path becomes much improved. this is when i realized it wasn't my balance that was so off, but the fact that the path between houston and around market was extremely uneven. it seems the asphalt was not really steamrolled nice and flat.

after getting more confidence on the southern end, i had to make my way back up through the treacherous first section. you'll be happy to know i did this with and face plant or broken bones, although at a much slower pace than the cruising i did further down. all in all it was fun. but i think i need to find a better place to skate. j. said he goes in central park, so i'll have to get some directions from him. or i'll check out what this skate guide has to say.


Ryan said...

First you enable comments, then you start posting multi-paragraph entries? I'm totally not buying the fact that it's still Jason "aporistic" Williams who is maintaining this blog.

Ryan said...

Aporistic. Right. I swear I can spell...