Friday, November 05, 2004

its been a really busy week. right now i have some horrendous post nasal drip, i know you wanted to know that. in the event i haven't mentioned it yet, my client has a couple locations downtown. what is amazing is that on the one floor where one of our project teams sit, more than 25% of the space is vacant. this is prime office space in downtown nyc, and it boggles my mind.

there are some other random observations i'd like to make. like the guy in the subway station today, asleep, with his shoes off, and no socks. granted, it's generally pretty warm down there, but clean it is not. i love the wash and fold service in ny. i take my dirty laundry one day, pick it up the next washed and folded. and it's not much more than if i did it myself. factor in the convenience and it's no contest. the guy that runs the place i go to is quite nice (despite losing a pair of my pants, but he paid me for them). he remembers everything. but what is more amazing is the lenght of the hair that grows out of a mole on his cheek. it has to be at least 4 inches long.

have a good weekend. tomorrow i play come touch football w/ my old college roommate.

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