Monday, May 10, 2004

new technology. so, i've slowly been using my gmail account more and more. as i get used to it, and learn the different features it has, i like it. the 'conversation' style display of messages is nice, but its the time lapse in the header that is the real kicker. it tells you how long ago each of the previous messages were sent. no more calculating in your head based on the header info. simple. genius. Also, it automatically remembers every email address you sent to and received from. no more 'adding contacts'. it does it for you. down side right now, it only saves emails. i'd like to be able to import my whole yahoo address book over. lastly, the ads really are targetted based on the message content. and it could actually be useful, not annoying.

tonight i find out that blogger has also released a new version of its service. more to report on that later. there are a few things i think i might not like as much.

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